Artie Lange's Beer League

This was the official site for Artie Lange's Beer League, an over the top comedy that was initially released in 2006. The site remained active announcing the DVD release and offering its sale. In 2012 the site provided posts about the films about the reception, the actors, some of the symbolism, the plot, how it did in theatres.
Content is from the site's archived pages as well as other sources. The quotes which are shown below, offer a pretty good sense of the type of humor/ comedy one will find in this film


Release date: September 15, 2006
(NY, Philadelphia, Cleveland)
Studio:Echo  Bridge Entertainment
Director: Frank Sebastiano
MPAA Rating: R (for non-stop language including strong sexual references, sexuality, nudity and drug use)
Screenwriters: Artie Lange, Frank Sebastiano
Starring: Artie Lange, Ralph Macchio, Anthony DeSando, Cara Buono, Jerry Minor, Laurie Metcalf, Jimmy Breuer
Genre: Comedy




Mike Sampson reviews "Artie Lange's Beer League"

BEER LEAGUE isn’t exactly the Next Great Sports Comedy (a la SLAPSHOT) it tries to be and if you hold it up to those higher standards, the film is, ultimately, a failure. But on its own, a raunchy, indie, man’s man comedy, it’s an accomplished success. Artie Lange, whose name graces the title and who co-wrote the film with director Frank Sebastiano, stars as, ahem, Artie, a character not unlike the Lange on Howard Stern’s radio show on Sirius. He’s overweight, a drinker, lazy, obsessed with baseball (the Yankees, natch) and playing in a softball league, reliving the glory days with his pals (Ralph Macchio among others). Along the way, they run afoul of the championship team, captained by a real Eye-talian named Dennis. They get into it on the diamond and are told that one of their teams is gonna have to leave the league. In true sports movie fashion, they decide to settle their dispute on the field.

That flimsy, clichéd plot is really just an excuse for Lange and pals to goof around and tell jokes for 80-some-odd minutes. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when the jokes are working (the stripper at the bachelor party and Seymour Cassel’s one-liners are classic), but other times they fall flat and you wish there was a little bit more to fall back on. Considering his character isn’t normally what you’d consider sympathetic (“fag,” “cocksucker” and “pussy” nonchalantly roll of his tongue with startling frequency) , Lange does an admirable job of making him a real likeable guy, especially in romantic sequences with his girlfriend Linda (portrayed with a pitch-perfect Jersey accent courtesy of Cara Buono). It’s scenes like those that make you wish Lange had spent more time with a writer, punching up the jokes and developing some of these characters and situations.

In the end, I liked BEER LEAGUE more than I thought I would, yet I left more disappointed. Disappointed because what I liked, I really liked and made me want to see more of. Disappointed because with a little more time and money, perhaps Lange and crew could’ve come closer to their loftier SLAPSHOT-esque goals. If it were a complete bore, it would've been easy to write-off, but Lange, with his vulgar charm, had me rooting for him to really hit one out of the park (damn, I tried to avoid baseball puns the entire time). It’s at times hit-or-miss but BEER LEAGUE is overall an enjoyable indie comedy that is definitely good for some laughs. My Rating: 6/10.

My buddies who work at an online janitorial supply store have their own way of rating movies. They rate their movies just like they rated the best mop bucket that is sold where they work. They use the mop bucket wringer combo product as their standard, and why not they have 46 mop bucket wringer products on the company's website. The have a rating scale ranging from zero buckets to 10 buckets (for the best rating). After seeing Beer League, they gave the movie 8 1/2 buckets. I guess they were much less critical of it than I was. Perhaps they were closer to the movie's demographic base, than I was. Petey, my best friend said: Without a doubt this was one of the crudest comedies I've seen, period. Some of the dirtiest one-liners I've heard. No real need to pay attention to the storyline or love interest. This is an instant dude classic. "Really?" I thought. "No, I will stay with my six buckets, oops, I mean my 6/10, which is not too bad considering Beer League  is a nice throwback to the snobs vs. slobs comedies made popular in the late 1970's-early 80's."

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Was Beer League worth the Price?

Posted by admin | Posted on March 12th, 2013

We’ve spent an awful lot of time talking about Beer League. We talked about the reception, the actors, some of the symbolism, the plot, how it did in theatres, but we never really offered our honest and heartfelt opinion on whether or not the film was worth the price of admission.

Take a trip to where the experts roost like rotten tomatoes or something and you’ll see that it didn’t get a very good score. However, speak with any layman who saw the film and you’ll get quite a different answer.

We really aren’t under any delusion when we watched this movie. We loved it. Hell, we made an unofficial fan site about it, but obviously this wasn’t Citizen Kane or something. If we wanted that, we would have watched Citizen Kane.

No, Beer League was good for a different reason in that it attempted, and partially succeeded, in breathing life into the dying genre known as comedy. Name a good recent comedy movie with a straight face. You’d be hard pressed.

Beer League might not have been well-received by the critics we honor as “experts” but for what it tried to do and how it genuinely made us laugh at times – yes, it was worth every penny. If you want to see for yourself, then fire up Netflix or check out the RedBox. Some television services that we know off-hand like have movie channels that have carried the film as well.

Don’t take our word for it. Decide for yourself.

Symbolism In The Movie Beer League

Posted by admin | | Posted on July 23rd, 2012

Symbolism In The Movie Beer League

If you have ever seen the movie Beer League, then you would know that this movie centers around Artie Devanzo a guy who is the town drunk and has no job or a girlfriend. He spends alot of his time at Ed’s Bar and Swill. Artie has decided to play baseball for Ed’s Bar and Swill against his arch enemy Dennis Mangenelli who has a league named Mangenelli Fitness. Well, in their first game against each other the teams become involved in a big fight against each other. When the towns police chief puts and end to the fight by claiming that who ever wins the season will be the one team that gets to remain in the league, and the team that loses will be completely out of the league for good. This movie seems to center around a loser nobody who steps up to the plate and finally tries to achieve something in his life. Although his team fails anyways, he is still considered a winner,and he will surely make himself so buy stealing the winners trophy. The producer Artie Lange who actually stared as the main character seem to portray the character quit with great wit and humor. Beer League made a maximum of 475,000 dollars and was not met with a very popular reception.

How Costuming Was Used To Portray Characters In The Movie Beer League

Posted by admin | Posted on July 9th, 2012

Costuming is important in all genres of movies. Many assume that only period pieces require expert costuming decisions but this is not the case. In the movie Beer League, smart costuming decisions allowed the characters to truly come to life. Even though the film revolved around a seemingly mundane concept such as softball, the fact that the costuming the characters wore in the film totally allowed them to come to life. This make them quite believable and added to the humorous vein of the film.

The nice touch to the costumes in the film is the sloppiness of the costumes’ appearance. This might seem like a rather odd positive point to the costumes. How could a sloppy and decidedly less than professional look present something appealing on screen? The reason is the goal of the costume is to help get the characters across as believable. It is this believability that has you rooting for them as well as laughing at their humorous moments. Would they really be funny if they did not look the part?

Costuming tries to have a psychological effect on audiences. It can often do so without the audience even noticing. Such is the case with Beer League where mundane furniture delivers decidedly excellent results.


Why The Movie Beer League Is Inspirational

Posted by Posted on June 25th, 2012

The movie Beer League, starred Artie Lange, has gained a sort of cult following due to its crude and oftentimes offensive humor, however its story and the trials its characters overcome also make it an inspirational tale for anyone who can turn their “Politically Correct” filter off.
As is common in sports movies Beer League follows a tried but true formula, bad team filled with loveable characters must beat a much better team who beat them badly early in the movie, and is filled entirely with jerks. In this case, the protagonist’s team doesn’t actually win, but overcome through other means.
Lange’s team claws its way into the league championship to face their rivals and decide which team gets to stay in the league next year, Artie’s team loses but more importantly they proved that they belong and when Artie hits a homerun, a feat that hadn’t been done in that park in decades, him and his team instantly become legends, a more significant feat than simply winning the game, furthermore Artie is able to accept both himself and his girlfriend who had a previous relationship with his rival. Beer League inspires because it shows how one can conquer their own demons, and how rewarding that can be, no matter how small town they may seem.You thought this was good?

The Costuming Of The Movie Beer League

Posted by | Posted on June 11th, 2012

The costuming of the movie Beer League was kept simple on purpose. They needed to convey Artie Lange’s vision of the band of misfits. Most of the time the audience sees the actors wearing sports related clothing and average looking street clothing. Also, some of the characters wear work related uniforms. In the case of Artie’s character, Artie DeVanzo, he wears too small and many times food stained clothing.

The costume choice for Artie DeVanzo is perfect. The audience gets a real sense of the mess of a man he is at the start of this rated R film. He is a looser in life and love who still lives at home. The character is a drunk and a slob who just can’t get it together. That is until the potential for love and happiness walks into his life. There is not much of a difference in the costumes from the opening of the film the close for Artie. However, they do clean him up a bit throughout his journey of true love.

Artie’s love interest is usually portrayed in sexy clothes. The costume choices for his friends have been perfectly picked to convey a hard working class of guys that are just making it. The viewer gets a real picture of the life of a working-class group of men who just want to win the big game and finally have a moment of glory.


The Setting Of The Movie Beer League

Posted by | Posted on May 30th, 2012

The movie Beer League was the baby of comedian Artie Lange. He produced, wrote and starred in this gritty comedy about an unemployed guy living with his mother who is down on his luck and his pals. They play on a softball team for a local bar. The stakes are high for them during the season, because whoever is the looser between them and their rivals can never play again.

They put it all on the line and came together in the end for the big game. However, they do not win and had to quite the beer league forever. Although, Artie’s character refused to let their rivals lay a hand on the winning trophy. So, he stole it and headed back to the Jersey Shore with it.

The setting for this film was New Jersey. There were several filming sites all in New Jersey that include: Bayonne, Lyndhurst, Rutherford, Wood-Ridge, North Arlington and Seaside Heights. Lange is a New Jersey native and wanted to create an off colored adult comedy film that took place in his home state. Many scenes were in bars, ball field and such. This was to set the mood for the viewers of his namesake character’s life.

In-Depth Analysis Of The Plot Of Beer League

Posted by admin | Posted on May 27th, 2012

“Beer League” is a comedy about a man named Artie DeVanzo who is played by comedian Artie Lang. DeVanzo is the town’s drunken loser who lives with his mother. Artie and his friend Maz play on a softball team together for Ed’s Bar and Swill and they end up playing their arch rival team, Mangelli Fitness. After a fight breaks out between the teams, the Police Chief decides that they will play against each other again and the loser will not be allowed to play anymore, ever again.

Later on in the film, Artie hooks up with an old flame of his named Linda and after an encounter, she finds herself regretting but Artie wants to pursue a meaningful relationship.

Before the big game against Mangelli’s, Ed’s Bar and Swill pitcher collapses and dies during practice. During the funeral, the whole team drinks heavily and becomes too drunk to play. At the game, team Mangelli gets a 10 run lead on Ed’s. After a big rally heavily lead by Artie, the team still loses to Mangelli’s but Artie does not hand over the game trophy. Instead he steals the trophy and heads for the Jersey Shore with his new girlfriend Linda.

The Plot Of The Movie Beer League

Posted by | Posted on May 24th, 2012

The movie Beer League stars many favorites, such as Ralph Macchio as Maz and Artie Lange who plays Artie DeVanzo. This plot of the movie includes beer, hot babes, and softball, and a fantastic group of misfits who seem to be better at fighting than hitting home runs. Artie is an unemployed drunken slacker who still lives at home with his mother. His softball team is always losing, and unless he and his teammate can get it together quickly they will of the roster.

Just in time, love enters Artie’s life and transforms him on a personal level, as well as improving his softball skills too! His life is looking up, and so are the odds of winning the coveted league trophy.Is this new to you? This troubled group will have to work really hard, and overcome lots of obstacles, in order to hold that trophy in their hands. Plus, Artie will have to deal with new love and the relationship problems that go with it.

The main characters are all charmingly flawed, and the humor may be crude but it is totally hysterical. The actors all do a great job with the character they are playing, making this well written low-budget movie thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable to watch.



Characters In The Movie Beer League

Posted by | Posted on May 22nd, 2012

Anybody who is into movies and beer will absolutely love the great movie known as Beer League. Not only is this a comical movie about a group of people who like to drink and play ball, but also about the camaraderie that many people share. The main character Artie Devanzo is a person that is known for being quite a loser in town as he is unemployed and a town drunk. The highlight of his life is that he plays softball with his best friends Johnny and Maz, although these two don’t really have the highest aspirations


The 2006 Comedy Movie Beer League

Posted by admin | Posted on May 19th, 2012

Released on September 15, 2006, Beer League is a sports comedy film written by, produced by and starring Artie Lange. The movie follows Lange’s character Artie DeVanzo, a lifelong loser and well known drunk. One of the few great passions in his life is the amateur softball league that he is a part of along with close friends Johnny, played by Jimmy Palumbo, and Maz, played by Ralph Macchio. The trio plays loyally for their favorite hangout, Ed’s Bar and Swill and they partake in a fierce rivalry with


Quotes from the Film

Johnny Trinno: [giving the toast at Maz's wedding] So to recap, throughout it all, there's been a lot of laughter, and a few tears. But in the end the clouds parted, and the good Lord himself decided it was meant to be. And that's how I finished the regular season batting .706.


Dirt: Hey! I don't wanna see any a you Italians drinking from my water bottle! Damned wops!



Johnny Trinno: It's unfair, it's like pitching to a healthy Lou Gehrig.



Gina: Okay, you know what? I'm not being a bitch here. You're missing Marie's recital tonight, and I said we could wait 'til after the softball season to go on our honeymoon. I even let you pick your scumbag friend Artie as best man!


Maz: Sweetheart, listen, huh? It's the first game of the season. I just don't wanna be late, alright? I'm with you on the cakes, I'll look at 'em later.


Gina: You know, I was gonna surprise you by making your little plastic man on the cake a Derek Jeter action figure. But now? No. I'm making you one of those Puerto Ricans from the fucking Mets!


Maz: Don't even joke like that, Gina!



Maz: I'll have an egg-white omelet made with very little oil, dry wheat toast, and grapefruit juice.


Johnny Trinno: Oh my god, that's the gayest order I've ever heard.


Artie DeVanzo: You know, in Massachusetts, that order could legally marry a dude.


Maz: Alright, here it comes.


Johnny Trinno: You know, just placing an order like that would get you kicked out of the army.


Artie DeVanzo: You know, if you put a construction helmet on that order, it could join the Village People.


Rhonda: Would you guys knock it off so I can do my job?


Maz: Thank you.


Rhonda: Alright, Maz, that's an egg-white omelet, dry wheat toast, grapefruit juice.


Maz: That's right.


Rhonda: Do you want a side order of cock with that?



Linda Salvo: I'm so embarrassed right now.


Artie DeVanzo: You're embarrassed? I just got cock-blocked by my mom!



Dirt: You look like a bunch of Monkeys trying fuck a football!



Artie DeVanzo: [imitating Yankees PA Announcer Bob Sheppard] Your attention please, now pitching for Mangenelli: Number 1, Needle Dick,


[Artie's team laughs]


Artie DeVanzo: Number 1


Dennis Mangenelli: Yeah, all right!


Artie DeVanzo: Needle Dick.


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Artie DeVanzo: You know, Dave, you might be a lefty.



Artie DeVanzo: Hey, are we done here? 'Cause I'm losing my buzz.

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Dirt: You're a fat fucking disgrace!



Maz: [responding to Artie about un-inviting Mangenelli to the wedding] He's Gina's cousin, he's going to be there, and don't start any trouble.

Artie DeVanzo: Hey, I'm not one to start trouble.


Johnny Trinno: Oh my God you fat fuckin' liar.



Maz: Alright, Dirt. Just throw it in there, baby. Come on!


Artie DeVanzo: [punches glove] Whatta you say now Dirt, you character.



Artie DeVanzo: If you put a construction hat on that order, it could be one of the village people.



Alfonse: Check it out, my new italiano mit.

Maz: That's cool, Alfonse.


Johnny Trinno: How much of a guido could you possibly be?



Artie DeVanzo: Ohh! Alright, listen up. Anybody that doesn't do a pregame shot with me is a fuckin' pussy.


Dennis Mangenelli: Jerk off!


Artie DeVanzo: Hey, did this jerk off just call me a jerk off?



Johnny Trinno: [speaking in an announcer-type voice] Now coming to bat is Artie DeVanzo. Last season was a fine one for DeVanzo, we all know that. He batted 420 with 45 RBIs. He enters today's game with a Blood Alcohol Content of .16. If you kids scoring at home, that is an impressive *twice* the legal limit.



Artie DeVanzo: Come on let's get this guy! Let's get this punk! He's nothin'! He's a loser! He's an asshole! A cock sucker! He's a total piece a shit!


Dennis Mangenelli: You shut up fatso!


Artie DeVanzo: Hey, watch the name-calling!