How Costuming Was Used To Portray Characters In The Movie Beer League

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Posted on July 9th, 2012

Costuming is important in all genres of movies. Many assume that only period pieces require expert costuming decisions but this is not the case. In the movie Beer League, smart costuming decisions allowed the characters to truly come to life. Even though the film revolved around a seemingly mundane concept such as softball, the fact that the costuming the characters wore in the film totally allowed them to come to life. This make them quite believable and added to the humorous vein of the film.

The nice touch to the costumes in the film is the sloppiness of the costumes’ appearance. This might seem like a rather odd positive point to the costumes. How could a sloppy and decidedly less than professional look present something appealing on screen? The reason is the goal of the costume is to help get the characters across as believable. It is this believability that has you rooting for them as well as laughing at their humorous moments. Would they really be funny if they did not look the part?

Costuming tries to have a psychological effect on audiences. It can often do so without the audience even noticing. Such is the case with Beer League where mundane furniture delivers decidedly excellent results.

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