Why The Movie Beer League Is Inspirational

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The movie Beer League, starred Artie Lange, has gained a sort of cult following due to its crude and oftentimes offensive humor, however its story and the trials its characters overcome also make it an inspirational tale for anyone who can turn their “Politically Correct” filter off.
As is common in sports movies Beer League follows a tried but true formula, bad team filled with loveable characters must beat a much better team who beat them badly early in the movie, and is filled entirely with jerks. In this case, the protagonist’s team doesn’t actually win, but overcome through other means.
Lange’s team claws its way into the league championship to face their rivals and decide which team gets to stay in the league next year, Artie’s team loses but more importantly they proved that they belong and when Artie hits a homerun, a feat that hadn’t been done in that park in decades, him and his team instantly become legends, a more significant feat than simply winning the game, furthermore Artie is able to accept both himself and his girlfriend who had a previous relationship with his rival. Beer League inspires because it shows how one can conquer their own demons, and how rewarding that can be, no matter how small town they may seem.You thought this was good? Brace yourself: Comedian Artie Lange is not dead; Update: Neither is Amanda Bynes

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