The Costuming Of The Movie Beer League

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The costuming of the movie Beer League was kept simple on purpose. They needed to convey Artie Lange’s vision of the band of misfits. Most of the time the audience sees the actors wearing sports related clothing and average looking street clothing. Also, some of the characters wear work related uniforms. In the case of Artie’s character, Artie DeVanzo, he wears too small and many times food stained clothing.

The costume choice for Artie DeVanzo is perfect. The audience gets a real sense of the mess of a man he is at the start of this rated R film.You can find a quick rundown here He is a looser in life and love who still lives at home. The character is a drunk and a slob who just can’t get it together. That is until the potential for love and happiness walks into his life. There is not much of a difference in the costumes from the opening of the film the close for Artie. However, they do clean him up a bit throughout his journey of true love.

Artie’s love interest is usually portrayed in sexy clothes. The costume choices for his friends have been perfectly picked to convey a hard working class of guys that are just making it. The viewer gets a real picture of the life of a working-class group of men who just want to win the big game and finally have a moment of glory.

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