Why The Movie Beer League Is Inspirational

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The movie Beer League, starred Artie Lange, has gained a sort of cult following due to its crude and oftentimes offensive humor, however its story and the trials its characters overcome also make it an inspirational tale for anyone who can turn their “Politically Correct” filter off.
As is common in sports movies Beer League follows a tried but true formula, bad team filled with loveable characters must beat a much better team who beat them badly early in the movie, and is filled entirely with jerks. In this case, the protagonist’s team Read full post

The Costuming Of The Movie Beer League

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The costuming of the movie Beer League was kept simple on purpose. They needed to convey Artie Lange’s vision of the band of misfits. Most of the time the audience sees the actors wearing sports related clothing and average looking street clothing. Also, some of the characters wear work related uniforms. In the case of Artie’s character, Artie DeVanzo, he wears too small and many times food stained clothing.

The costume choice for Artie DeVanzo is perfect. The audience Read full post