The Setting Of The Movie Beer League

Posted by | Uncategorized | Posted on May 30th, 2012

The movie Beer League was the baby of comedian Artie Lange. He produced, wrote and starred in this gritty comedy about an unemployed guy living with his mother who is down on his luck and his pals. They play on a softball team for a local bar. The stakes are high for them during the season, because whoever is the looser between them and their rivals can never play again.

They put it all on the line and came together in the end for the big game. However, they do not win and had to quite the beer league forever. Although, Artie’s character refused to let their rivals lay a hand on the winning trophy. So, he stole it and headed back to the Jersey Shore with it.

The setting for this film was New Jersey. There were several filming sites all in New Jersey that include: Bayonne, Lyndhurst, Rutherford, Wood-Ridge, North Arlington and Seaside Heights. Lange is a New Jersey native and wanted to create an off colored adult comedy film that took place in his home state. Many scenes were in bars, ball field and such. This was to set the mood for the viewers of his namesake character’s life.

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