In-Depth Analysis Of The Plot Of Beer League

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Posted on May 27th, 2012

“Beer League” is a comedy about a man named Artie DeVanzo who is played by comedian Artie Lang. DeVanzo is the town’s drunken loser who lives with his mother. Artie and his friend Maz play on a softball team together for Ed’s Bar and Swill and they end up playing their arch rival team, Mangelli Fitness. After a fight breaks out between the teams, the Police Chief decides that they will play against each other again and the loser will not be allowed to play anymore, ever again.

Later on in the film, Artie hooks up with an old flame of his named Linda and after an encounter, she finds herself regretting but Artie wants to pursue a meaningful relationship.

Before the big game against Mangelli’s, Ed’s Bar and Swill pitcher collapses and dies during practice. During the funeral, the whole team drinks heavily and becomes too drunk to play. At the game, team Mangelli gets a 10 run lead on Ed’s. After a big rally heavily lead by Artie, the team still loses to Mangelli’s but Artie does not hand over the game trophy. Instead he steals the trophy and heads for the Jersey Shore with his new girlfriend Linda.

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