Characters In The Movie Beer League

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Anybody who is into movies and beer will absolutely love the great movie known as Beer League. Not only is this a comical movie about a group of people who like to drink and play ball, but also about the camaraderie that many people share. The main character Artie Devanzo is a person that is known for being quite a loser in town as he is unemployed and a town drunk. The highlight of his life is that he plays softball with his best friends Johnny and Maz, although these two don’t really have the highest aspirations in life either.The full explanation can be found at

Artie is the main character who doesn’t seem to ever be able to hold down a job or a relationship, but ends up finding an old girlfriend by the name of Linda Salvo who ends up changing the way he looks at things, to his friend’s dismay. Throughout the movie Artie is seen playing many games of ball, but still is in the romantic relationship with Linda, although at times it seems very sketchy. The high point of the movie is when he loses the game but steals the trophy and takes off to a completely different area of country.

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