The 2006 Comedy Movie Beer League

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Released on September 15, 2006, Beer League is a sports comedy film written by, produced by and starring Artie Lange. The movie follows Lange’s character Artie DeVanzo, a lifelong loser and well known drunk. One of the few great passions in his life is the amateur softball league that he is a part of along with close friends Johnny, played by Jimmy Palumbo, and Maz, played by Ralph Macchio. The trio plays loyally for their favorite hangout, Ed’s Bar and Swill and they partake in a fierce rivalry with the Mangenelli Fitness squad. Beer League presents viewers with plenty of laughs and great times as it offers a window in to Artie DeVanzo’s life, following his trials and tribulations with romance, friendships, and softball.

Beer League was far from a box office hit as it was only released in a select few theaters in the Cleveland, New York, New Jersey, and Philidelphia areas. It aired for only two weeks and grossed a total of 472,185, most of which came in during the opening weekend. Critical reception was mixed, but the film did receive it’s fair share of positive reviews and is considered by many fans to be a cult classic. Beer League was released on DVD in January of 2007.
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