Other Themes In The Movie Beer League

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Released on September 15, 2006, Beer League is a sports comedy film written by, produced by and starring Artie Lange. The movie follows Lange’s character Artie DeVanzo, a lifelong loser and well known drunk. One of the few great passions in his life is the amateur softball league that he is a part of along with close friends Johnny, played by Jimmy Palumbo, and Maz, played by Ralph Macchio. The trio plays loyally for their favorite hangout, Ed’s Bar and Swill and they partake in a fierce rivalry with the Mangenelli Fitness squad. Beer League presents viewers with plenty of laughs and great times as it offers a window in to Artie DeVanzo’s life, following his trials and tribulations with romance, directv offers, friendships, and softball. Beer League was far from a box office hit as it was only released in a select few theaters in the Cleveland, New York, New Jersey, and Philidelphia areas. It aired for only two weeks and grossed a total of $472,185, most of which came in during the opening weekend. Critical reception was mixed, but the film did receive it’s fair share of positive reviews and is considered by many fans to be a cult classic. Beer League was released on DVD in January of 2007. What’s 1 more click? Your boss isn’t watching… Confessions of a Poet Guy

The Main Theme In The Movie Beer League

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The movie Beer League is a raunchy comedy starring Artie Lange as Artie DeVanzo, a drunk, unemployed loser. He and his friends play softball for a local bar, against another softball team led by a fitness center. This year, the stakes are higher than ever, as the police chief announces that whichever team does work in the season overall will not be allowed to be a part of the league anymore. The story continues to follow Artie and his league Read full post

Was Beer League worth the Price?

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We’ve spent an awful lot of time talking about Beer League. We talked about the reception, the actors, some of the symbolism, the plot, how it did in theatres, but we never really offered our honest and heartfelt opinion on whether or not the film was worth the price of admission.

Take a trip to where the experts roost like rotten tomatoes or something and you’ll see that it didn’t get a very good score. However, speak with any layman who saw the film and you’ll get quite a different answer.

We really aren’t under any delusion when we watched this movie. We loved it. Hell, we made an unofficial fan site about it, but obviously this wasn’t Citizen Kane or something. If we wanted that, we would have watched Citizen Kane.

No, Beer League was good for a different reason in that it attempted, and partially succeeded, in breathing life into the dying genre known as comedy. Name a good recent comedy movie with a straight face. You’d be hard pressed.

Beer League might not have been well-received by the critics we honor as “experts” but for what it tried to do and how it genuinely made us laugh at times – yes, it was worth every penny. If you want to see for yourself, then fire up Netflix or check out the RedBox. Some television services that we know off-hand like cable-tv.com/cable-packages/ have movie channels that have carried the film as well.

Don’t take our word for it. Decide for yourself.

Symbolism In The Movie Beer League

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Symbolism In The Movie Beer League

If you have ever seen the movie Beer League, then you would know that this movie centers around Artie Devanzo a guy who is the town drunk and has no job or a girlfriend. He spends alot of his time at Ed’s Bar and Swill. Artie has decided to play baseball for Ed’s Bar and Swill against his arch enemy Dennis Mangenelli who has a league named Mangenelli Fitness. Well, in their first Read full post

How Costuming Was Used To Portray Characters In The Movie Beer League

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Costuming is important in all genres of movies. Many assume that only period pieces require expert costuming decisions but this is not the case. In the movie Beer League, smart costuming decisions allowed the characters to truly come to life. Even though the film revolved around a seemingly mundane concept such as softball, the fact that the costuming the characters wore in the film totally allowed them to come to life. This make them quite believable and added to the humorous vein of the film.

The nice touch to the Read full post

Why The Movie Beer League Is Inspirational

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The movie Beer League, starred Artie Lange, has gained a sort of cult following due to its crude and oftentimes offensive humor, however its story and the trials its characters overcome also make it an inspirational tale for anyone who can turn their “Politically Correct” filter off.
As is common in sports movies Beer League follows a tried but true formula, bad team filled with loveable characters must beat a much better team who beat them badly early in the movie, and is filled entirely with jerks. In this case, the protagonist’s team Read full post

The Costuming Of The Movie Beer League

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The costuming of the movie Beer League was kept simple on purpose. They needed to convey Artie Lange’s vision of the band of misfits. Most of the time the audience sees the actors wearing sports related clothing and average looking street clothing. Also, some of the characters wear work related uniforms. In the case of Artie’s character, Artie DeVanzo, he wears too small and many times food stained clothing.

The costume choice for Artie DeVanzo is perfect. The audience Read full post

The Setting Of The Movie Beer League

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The movie Beer League was the baby of comedian Artie Lange. He produced, wrote and starred in this gritty comedy about an unemployed guy living with his mother who is down on his luck and his pals. They play on a softball team for a local bar. The stakes are high for them during the season, because whoever is the looser between them and their rivals can never play again.

They put it all on the line and came together in the end Read full post

In-Depth Analysis Of The Plot Of Beer League

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“Beer League” is a comedy about a man named Artie DeVanzo who is played by comedian Artie Lang. DeVanzo is the town’s drunken loser who lives with his mother. Artie and his friend Maz play on a softball team together for Ed’s Bar and Swill and they end up playing their arch rival team, Mangelli Fitness. After a fight breaks out between the teams, the Police Chief decides that they will play against each other again and the loser will not be allowed to play anymore, ever again.

Later Read full post

The Plot Of The Movie Beer League

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The movie Beer League stars many favorites, such as Ralph Macchio as Maz and Artie Lange who plays Artie DeVanzo. This plot of the movie includes beer, hot babes, and softball, and a fantastic group of misfits who seem to be better at fighting than hitting home runs. Artie is an unemployed drunken slacker who still lives at home with his mother. His softball team is always losing, and unless he and his teammate can get it together quickly they will of the roster.

Just Read full post